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It is time.

Yes, people, the time has come for the greatest sport on earth. Football is again among us, and with it, Neowin's First Annual Fantasy Football League!

It is in Yahoo, and we will have multiple leagues, as Yahoo is the free service we use. There is a limit to 20 teams per league. When the first league is full, I will open another league and so on.

How to enter:

Sign in to yahoo. If you don't have an account, get one at

Then click here: (you may need to login at this point with your own Yahoo account) and select "Join a Custom League"

The league's # is 372224, password is boog.THIS LEAGUE IS FULL! SEE NEXT LEAGUE BELOW!

People enrolled in this league are:

BOOGSoftball?b>=BOOG's Boys

Heathen=Canuck Mackems


Mobidem=mobidem V

bonobozoot=Mauling MArauders


IceDogg=Batesville IceDoggs

David R=Nebraska Bugeaters

armeck=Bubb Rubbs

baseballpro9=War Elephants

-=SD=-=Pitt Panthers


IlliniPI=South Side Hitmen

Ryan92=Toronto Zephyr?


Still waiting on 5 more to give me their names....


LOC=Florida Jets

Behemoth=Behemoth's Ballers

Enjoy. We will ba having a live draft on September 14th (Tuesday) at 8 PM Central standard time (-6 GMT),

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I'm in too.. I've only played Fantasy football a few times (lost mostly) so be easy on me guys/gals. LOL I'm the Batesville IceDoggs... wooot this should be fun, even if I get my rear kicked.

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only tried live draft once (and it didn't work), after that, I always played the pre-selections (like 4 times total). But if live is what everyone wants, I'll do my best. The one time I tried live it was so congested that you can't use it, and it used the pre-selections. That's the way it was on sandbox. Never played on Yahoo before at all.

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I'd say leave it at the live draft...if people can't make the live draft, their pre-ranked list is used in their absence.

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I would join, but I work Sundays so I wouldn't be there for the live draft. :(

Yep, just like Greenie said. If you cannot be there for the live draft, you can still rank your players in how they are drafted.

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