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DEOXYRIBOSENUCLEACACID - Does Every Old Xman You Ravish In Bed On Sunday Even Near Ultimate Comparison? Lets Eat Another Chicken And Contemplate It's Destiny!!!

Throw them at me baby.... Yeah.

Ooops some posts made it before me...

SUCCUBUS - Such Unique Concepts Could Ultimately Become Useful Stuff

RESTAURANT - Rotten Eggs Should Taste Absolutely Ugly, Return All Next Time

Next Acro - DESTINY

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Thanks Spyder....

DICSREET - Do I Consider Sex Relaxing? Extreamly, Even Tuesdays!!!

LOL, I think that was supposed to be DISCREET

DISCREET - Discos In Summer Can Really Excite Eager Teenagers


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VICTIMIZATION - Virgins In Calcutta Take Interesting Measures In Zebras And Tigers, It's Only Natural.....

New Acronym - NATURAL

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connection - Cows On Nandroline Nearly Executed Chinese Teenager In Our Neighbourhood

See this one was missed Earlier....

extensions - Even Xrays Taste Especially Nice, So I Ordered Nine Sets...


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