Who has the prettiest eyes?


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I actually really like my eyes :blush:

Am i conceded? :huh:

Kinda like a light blue

I went to photoshop them cuz I wanted to see them as dark blue, then as a green, but the light blue was just so much more relaxing to look at.

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Bad breeding?

You better be the male version of the Kent doll or something man because if she is bad breeding, wow. I'm shocked.

No wonder we have 12 year old girls throwing up thierl unches in the bath room at school.

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All right, so I was bored an cropped a few of my favorite celebrity eyes. Eyes are the first attractant to me... hair color isn't near as significant, except certain eye color/hair color combinations are a major turn off - namley blue eyed blonds and blue eyed brunettes. I am never attracted to blue eyes... EVER. My whole family/stepfamily has blue eyes and I am sick of the color. :pinch: :rofl: But brown eyes... :wub: it it does strange thigs to me to see a girl with the same shade of bown eyes as me... and green eyed blonds... :wub: :wub: :wub: I'm such a sucker... :blush: :rofl:

Best eyes:

Jennifer love Hewitt: 025bh.th.jpg Brittney Murphy: 019ih.th.jpg

Even though I can never say enough times how big of a hoe she is, Brittney Spears has nice eyes too...


Natalie Portman: 040bl.th.jpg Gwen Stefani: 051np.th.jpg

Kelly Clarkson:


And my all time favorite, Hilary Duff:


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