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Latest build of Jaguar...

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linux2    0
Originally posted by Vidar

The answer the question of "I"....

iMac = imust-go-out-and-buy-a Mac

I got to play with an eMac for about an hour & half and must say I'm thoroughly impressed. The speed was great, the graphics (let me first say I don't game. I play with and view adobe photoshop/illustrator) were sweet!

All in all, me likes the eMac and with the looks of Jag, its only getting better.

What was the quality of on-screen text?

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Dazzla    5
Originally posted by linux2

Those of us that dable with Linux have enjoyed icon previews for quite awhile :)

Yeah, this was implemented before but not system wide as default. You had to either open and save them in preview, Photoshop or Pic2Icon.

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