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Two B/Ws and a sepia from my currently very small love with digital  :happy:


Good Times


Bass (any doubts about tht? ;))


Rise and Shine


very nice (Y)

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I am not going to name names but I thought there were picture in last forum that I didn't really need to see. I am not saying all my stuff was brilliant of perfect, far from it unfortunately, But I don't want 100 pics of a building you took yesterday ETC.

I think its best to only post your best pics and/or ones your proud of and not any old stuff, also I think some images could be a bit more compresed, Because these iamge arn't for print.

Althought This Pic may look usless most people here and would think this camera is useless, But hey it was only ?35 with 3 lenses:DD

I would suggest to anyone who is using a Digital P&S and whats a DSLR but either cant afford one or is nervouse about speding the money gets one of these.


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