[NCAA FB]will USC lose this year

will USC lose this year  

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  1. 1. will USC lose this year

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if no, who will they lose to.

if yes, why


@ Oregon

@(15)Arizona State*


@(20)Notre dame*


Washington State



(24)Fresno State*


*top 25 games

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No...because their schedule is pretty weak for a team of their caliber. Who knows though maybe Notre Dame has the best shot at them, but I don't see it happening.

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At Cal or at ND. If they win those two I say they go undefeated but I think one of those two teams can trip them up. Cal even without Rodgers or Arrington because they're the only team that has beaten AND come close to beating them and it's at Cal. ND because they're drinking the Charlie Weiss koolaid and they probably have the date circled already becuase it might actually MEAN something this year.

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it'll happen.? i don't know who....but it'll happen.


i will say, fresno state will :wacko:: :shifty:: :rolleyes:: :pp :pinch:: :whistle:: ;)) they cant:cry::

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i will say no fresno state is good but USC is at a diff level then any other team in collage football they can beat most NFL teams.


Beat most NFL teams? I think you are giving these kids too much credit.

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i'm sorry, but USC would lose by 4 touchdowns TO EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL.


it's not even comparable.

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SF cant beat most teams in the NFL NCAA or even HS football teams


Let's not get too crazy now. That's pretty silly IMO. Even a sucky pro team plays just so much faster than either HS or college. That's almost always the biggest adjustment college guys say they have to make when they turn pro. They need to catch up to the speed of the game. It's not even close.

Plus, the defensive schemes that NFL teams throw out there are SO much more complex and difficult to read. Seriously that's just silly. I mean you want to say against USC it might be close? MAYBE. But losing to most college and HS teams? No way.

And let's not forget, SF beat St. Louis.

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I live in austin texas but am a usc fan since i grew up in LA. But keeping my eye on both teams I can just see how big of a gap their is between #1 and #2. If texas plays usc it will be a blowout, texas will get killed.

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