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What was in the box: A Dell Inspirion 1501 laptop with Windows XP home loaded on it, Microsoft Vista ultimate, and a Dell laptop case.

I just turned it on, and Vista Ultimate is loaded on it. Even though the certificate of authenticity on the back is for XP home.

Also, as for stats... It's got the AMD Turion 64 processor (not dual core). They put in 2GB of RAM, but only an 80GB HDD. Almost 20GB is already taken with Vista.

Pretty Cool! :)

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Hey all,

Got my Alienware stuff on Friday. It's a stock config ALX with a bag of goodies (hat, keychain, etc). They even sent along a laptop case which I thought was weird. The Monitor is amazing, bigger than my TV. The PC came with XP on it so I have to assume that Vista will be coming with the MS stuff whenever that shows up.

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Got this e-mail today...:



Your prize has been shipped. Please expect delivery in 5-10 business days.

Thank you,


Marden-Kane Inc.


The wait is killing me.... at least it's almost over....

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Got an e-mail today from Erica at Marden-Kane:

The following has been shipped to you via UPS,

-A Microsoft Zune digital media player

-A Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console

-Xbox 360 accessories (20 GB hard drive, wireless controller, headset)

-Three (3) Windows game titles (one copy of Flight Sim, one copy of Age

of Empires, and one copy of Zoo Tycoon)

-A copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 software

Your Dell Media Center is scheduled to ship the week of June 11, 2007.

Your LifeCam will ship in a separate package next week.


Erica Valdellon

Marden-Kane Inc.

I'm so happy. It looks like it was shipped via Next Day Air so it should be here tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday.

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