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I saw her as well. ?It was rather rubbish even if she did say "watch me play with myself"

From what I can tell, everyone felt the program was rather rubbish and boring.

The director needs to be shot with a nail gun, really poor work.

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I saw her as well. It was rather rubbish even if she did say "watch me play with myself"

From what I can tell, everyone felt the program was rather rubbish and boring.

The director needs to be shot with a nail gun, really poor work.

Yeah he could of made it sexier I mean theres nudity but not what you would expect from a program of that nature.

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Dear god I hope Billie Piper signs on to come back, I REALLY miss her as the companion. I know she won't come back for good, but the way they left it at the end of Doomsday was just soooo sad, and both David's and Billie's acting was superb in that episode. Brilliant all around really. Probably the best season (series) finale of the new Doctor Who so far imo.

Please, please Billie come back for those three episodes! I WUB YEW.

And I REALLY hope they do a true "multi-doctor" storyline for either series 4 or series 5 (whenever they do it) like that 80's arc um, I forget the name of it. The Five Doctors I think it was, man that an AWESOME series of shows. It would rock to get Peter back for one episode or two, and could you imagine getting the god of all Doctors Mr. Scarf himself back?! YES PLZ THX.

Oh and if David Tennant doesn't come back for a series 5 or whatever, he better be replaced by someone as good or that'll be the end of Doctor Who. As much as I loved the Eccster, Tennant is by far the best Doctor Who since Mr. Scarf. Period. He MAKES Doctor Who, uh Doctor Who.

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Yeah, he is THAT good. The only one I could think of is that guy who played The Master (sorry, not good with British actors names - and sorry if he isn't British!) since he was just about as good as Tennant!

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John Simm.

And as for Piper's callgirl thing. She's not nude in it is she?

Not that I have seen so far it gets racier I hear.

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You'd never get John Simm to play the Doctor, it means him spending time away from his family which he doesn't like to do.

We need a sort of unknown actor who will stay on for a long time.

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You'd never get John Simm to play the Doctor, it means him spending time away from his family which he doesn't like to do.

We need a sort of unknown actor who will stay on for a long time.

Probably, you are right

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I wonder if they decide to bring back Rose for the last 3 eps if the whole family will get a call up (Mickey, Jackie and Pete) It would just be fitting, plus the entertainment when they all get together is simply great!

Hey! Throw in Captain Jack too! (OK, now I'm being way too optimistic!)

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Yeah but you see NOTHING don't you?

Well you saw her ass but that was it but still the illusion is shes naked :laugh:

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Some Spoilers posted from The Sun...

KYLIE Minogue will plant a tender kiss on Dr Who in the Time Lord?s Christmas special, The Sun can reveal.

The tiny pop poppet has to climb on a box to snog the lofty Doctor, played by David Tennant.

But romantics will be disappointed to learn there will be no lasting love between the pair.

The seasonal spectacular ends on a sad note when Kylie, playing Dr Who?s temporary sidekick, spins off into space in a strange ?half-form? of herself.

Kylie?s Christmas smacker is revealed in a plot outline for the show.

BBC bosses have been desperate to keep it secret ? but The Sun has seen a copy.

We can reveal the special is set on board the Titanic, which has become a spaceship run by arch-baddie Max Capricorn.

The Doctor stows away on board and teams up with feisty waitress Astrid Peth, played by Aussie Kylie.

Together, the pair must save the Earth from mad Max?s evil intentions. But they snatch a brief opportunity to get smoochy.

Astrid tells the Doctor: ?You need someone to look after you ? can I come with you?? He agrees.

And according to the script, they share ?a good kiss?.

Last night a show insider said: ?Dr Who is one lucky, lucky, lucky time traveller. Who wouldn?t want to be snogged by Kylie??

The special ends with a stunning scene in which the Titanic falls from the sky and looks like crashing on Buckingham Palace.

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Cool!, Can't wait for it to come back whens the exact date again :s ?

Hasn't been confirmed yet, but it will back about March time i'm guessing

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A group of Doctor Who's enemies - the Sontarans - will be revived, 35 years after first appearing in the BBC drama.

The warriors will feature in an episode which will also mark the return of Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones.

She will run into the Doctor's new companion - Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate - for the first time.

Another plot for the new series will be a meeting between the Doctor and Agatha Christie, and guest stars will include Felicity Kendal and Sarah Lancashire.

There will also be appearances from Tim McInnerny, who played Percy in the first two series of Blackadder and Captain Darling in the fourth.

Peter Capaldi - a fierce spin doctor in political satire The Thick of It - and Phil Davis, who appeared in Quadrophenia and Bleak House, will also be seen on the show, the BBC has confirmed.

Doctor Who won top drama at the National TV Awards on Wednesday

The series, once again starring David Tennant as the Doctor, is due to be seen in the UK next spring. Filming is under way in Cardiff.

The run will begin with Donna tracking down the Doctor during an alien emergency in modern-day London.

Martha will be back halfway through the series, once actress Agyeman has appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

"Martha Jones returns in a fantastic storyline and the fans will get to see her in a whole new light," Agyeman promised.

The Sontarans were first seen on The Time Warrior, an episode of the show in 1973, when Jon Pertwee was in the lead role.

Christopher Ryan, known as Mike in 1980s TV sitcom The Young Ones, will play the head Sontaran.

And the tentacle-faced Ood will return in an episode called Planet of the Ood.

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Simm to replace Tennant in Doctor Who?

John Simm will reportedly take over the role of The Doctor from David Tennant, playing the eleventh incarnation of the popular Time Lord.

The News of the World claims that the deal has been signed, with the former Life on Mars star to play the coveted role in the fifth season due to be screened in 2010. The tabloid cites a BBC insider as saying: "John is absolutely over the moon. He's got a six-year-old son who is a massive Doctor Who fan and he can't believe his dad is going to fly the Tardis at work."

Simm appeared in the final three episodes of the third season of Doctor Who earlier this year in a different role - as evil Time Lord The Master.

The BBC has since told Digital Spy that the News of the World story is untrue.

Well thats good, if it was true, it would have been a bad choice.

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