February 2008 Desktops


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^ Is it possible to get a link [wall, preferably, if that's what it is] to the image in the previewer there? Looks nice.

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Same As Ever...

Theme: Windows Classic

Icons: Tango Shellpatcher

Font: Calibri

Wall: None (Red: 59 Green: 85 Blue: 108)

Apps: Firefox, Foobar and Locate32

Misc: Reshacked Explorer and Context Menu


How I miss Tango. I'm feeling a clean format + new look. Must resist the urge for fresh feel!

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That's the Eqclipse/Eqclipse 2 iconset, by ~chrfb.

There's a few different versions [PNG, ICO, Iconpackager], so check the gallery here for whichever you want.

On a sidenote... to the OP of this desk: Why is your NOD32 icon blue? Just curious; I've only seen mine go green/yellow/red.

thank you.

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