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I've always used winamp as my main audio player, and just yesterday I tried foobar. Is nice, but it doesn't fully support *.m4a playback support like winamp. I'm giving songbird a chance now.....

According to the foobar wiki:

Playback of MP1, MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, MP4/M4A, Musepack, WMA, Speex, WAV, AU, SND, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg FLAC, and WavPack.

What exactly doesn't it support? :)

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(Message repeated here from deviantArt):

This is my desktop, a desktop without Explorer. My choice of shell is Progman with Winfile. The other running programmes that you see are:

TrayModule -

Traybar -

3RVX -

RKLauncher -

Wallpaper is 'Driftwood' and can be found at:

Link to wallpaper:

There's a small bug (or should I even call it a bug?) with Traybar whose default action is set to 'Mouse Over', which made me have to set Explorer as my shell in order to change the setting from 'Mouse Over' to 'Right click', since the 'Mouse Over' doesn't seem to work with TrayModule (could be a bug with TrayModule), and then I changed the shell back to Progman. I was nearly spooked to see the Explorer shell loading up and running with it's taskbar (with the taskbar being the most spookiest part), since I'm so used to Progman and Winfile and haven't went back to Explorer in quite a long time. Also, docks were another big issue, such as RocketDock, ObjectDock (I assume ObjectDock Plus as well), and a few others, as programmes I minimized didn't minimize to those docks correctly and/or didn't minimize to those docks at all. The only dock that didn't exhibit this behaviour was RKLauncher, as programmes I minimized would minimize to RKLauncher's dock as they should, and without any problems at all.

If I may ask, does anyone know of a programme that mimics or (permanently) changes the behaviour of how icons minimize to the desktop, much like the way it was in Windows 3.x when programmes would minimize to the desktop as an icon and not a shrunken down titlebar? (An example of a shrunken down titlebar would be the shrunken down titlebar of the Control Panel window inside my Progman window, if anyone has used Windows 3.x would know how the window would minimize into an icon.) I will be very grateful if anyone knows of such programme that changes this behaviour.


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Doesn't "deadly combination" also feature biggie?

there are two verisons of the song.

on "The Big Picture" album there's only tupac.

"The Archives" album has both, tupac & biggie.

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