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Decided to try the new version of Home out today and honestly, it's just turned into a breeding ground for pervs. Every area I went into there was guys harassing girls. And no it wasn't me doing the harassing ;)

The new plaza area was pretty nice, better than what EU had before. Still **** all to do in it and I noticed they even charge to play some of those games now. Home has really just turned into one big ad-space and micro-transaction paradise.

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Home 1.40 Changelog


● You can now create groups in Home.

● Groups can consist of up to 8 different people.

● You may invite your friends and anyone in the same space as you to your group.

● Groups work no matter where anyone is in Home – different public spaces, personal spaces or club houses.

Groups have their own voice and text chat channels that allow all group members to communicate with each other wherever they are in Home.

The Chat Log

● The chat log has two tabs "Text" and "Voice". The text tab handles all text chat while the voice tab handles all voice chat.

● Communication in the chat log has been separated into multiple chat channels.

- Local: The usual proximity-based text chat in a space.

- Group: Text and voice chat through the group channel. Works between all group members anywhere in Home.

- Club: Text and voice chat through the club channel. Works between all club members anywhere in Home.

- Things to note: You can only be in one club channel at a time. If you are in multiple clubs then you can switch the channel between each one.

● Each channel has its own prefix and colour scheme so that you can tell them apart in the chat log and understand where chat is coming from.

- As part of this change we have removed the display of custom pop-up colours from the chat log.

● The label on each tab is coloured and prefixed according to the channel you will send chat to if you type or speak.

● Text

● Voice: The voice tab lists all of the people in your current voice channel along with a status icon which indicates any of the following:

- Currently Speaking

- Has a microphone enabled

- Does not have microphone enabled

- Blocked, ignored or muted

● In addition to the standard menu options there are special slash commands for switching channel or sending private messages quickly:

- "/local" or "/l"

-/l hello

- "/group" or "/g

- /g howdy"

- "/club" or "/c"

- /c greetings

- "/privatemessage", "/private" or "/pm"

- In the case of a private message you also need to specify who the message will go to. For example:

- /pm <name of friend> how are you?

- There is a quick reply command to respond to your most recent private message with the "/reply" or "/r" command. For example:

- /r I'm fine thank you


We have replaced the old wardrobe background that was tied to the Harbor Studio apartment with a simpler, more neutral one that loads more quickly.

● You can now tag "favourite" items in the wardrobe.

● It is possible to filter the wardrobe view to only display favourite items, purchased items, rewards or recently acquired items.

● Each category in the wardrobe can have the items in it sorted by when they were acquired and when they were last used.

● New items will have a 'new' icon to make them easier to spot (as will categories that contain new items).

● There is a storage section into which you can put items that you don't use very often. Putting some of your items into storage will mean:

- The wardrobe loads faster (and depending on how much is being stored Home may load faster as well).

- There will be fewer items to scroll through in each category.

● You can browse your storage section and swap items back into your main wardrobe whenever you want to.

- You can keep a maximum of 500 items in your main wardrobe at any one time. Any additional items will go into storage automatically.

- When you load Home for the first time after the patch we will automatically put some of your oldest items into the storage trunk if you happen to have more than 500 items already.

● There is a new "Both Ears" category in the wardrobe.

● Within each category the first option will keep your current selection.

Character status

● Your character can now be set into one of several different statuses:

- Normal

- Happy

- Sad

- Angry

- Confused

- Busy

- Wants help

- Wants to chat

- Wants to play


Setting a status will update the information in your character label and in some cases may change the expression on your character's face and your idle animations.

Important Note: The default "Normal" face no longer has a smile on it. Instead the players must select "Happy" to get the smile back.

We have added a simplified carousel of three main options (Navigator, Wardrobe and Settings) to the first page of the Menu Pad.

- All of the existing menus can be found under "Settings" now.

- The carousel view can be turned off in the settings if you wish.

● The Navigator can now be accessed directly in Home by pressing and holding START without having to go through the Menu Pad.

● Extra icons have been added to the side of each space in the Navigator to indicate if this space is a favourite and whether it has any friends in it.

● Now the player will have a direct access the screen to purchase the latest recommended avatar items from the Navigator instead of transiting the shopping mall.

Character labels

● There are extra options in the Menu Pad and Home Safe Screen for setting preferences as to how much of the new character labels you want to see.

Cross game invites

Home now fully supports cross game invites.

● If one of your friends is online but not in Home you can use the Menu Pad or Navigator friend list to invite them to join you.

● When the friend accepts the invitation they will automatically load Home and be transported to your location.

Loading screen

The loading screen has been simplified.

● Helpful tips are now displayed while you are loading.


● Access to Home is now restricted by parental control level (set on the console) as well as age (set on the PSN account) in each region.

● The audio system has been optimised and improved.

● Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound is now correctly supported.

● Added support for Polish fonts.

● Game camera collision has been improved so that there should be fewer instances of it cutting through objects or sticking out of the scene.

The majority of videos in Home now use progressive download and so should start playing much more quickly while they download in the background.

The anti-aliasing has been improved. This should mean higher quality shadows and a slightly better framerate.

● General optimisations to improve performance and framerate.

● Log in times have been improved once more.

● You can now zoom into screens while seated.

● The shadows and lighting in the Harbour Studio apartment have been improved.

● We have added some dynamic lights to the Harbour Studio apartment which can be turned on and off with a switch by the door.

Source: http://www.alphazone...full-change-log

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Too little too late


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Unfornately this emoticon isn't even remotely big enough.

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Well it's true.

Home is nothing like they promised it'd be. It's just another store front to sell crap.

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Haven't been back to home for ages - much improvements lately?

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It still bothers me that they have yet to show any of your content outside of Home, intergrating it with the XMB would have been the best way to get people in there, even blatantly copying the Wii Mii's/Live Avatars would be better than the nothing acheived so far.

I would never use Home all the time like some do, but I had spent some time on there recently and there are quite a few nice little games to play, lol.

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It still bothers me that they have yet to show any of your content outside of Home, intergrating it with the XMB would have been the best way to get people in there, even blatantly copying the Wii Mii's/Live Avatars would be better than the nothing acheived so far.

I would never use Home all the time like some do, but I had spent some time on there recently and there are quite a few nice little games to play, lol.

Or like that time you were dressed as a emo girl & led guys on into thinking they were gonna score some ass.

That's right, the secret is out now!

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Haven't been back to home for ages - much improvements lately?

I thought you said on Facebook that were you were not getting Kinect? :cool:

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I thought you said on Facebook that were you were not getting Kinect? :cool:

Not buying it - never said I wouldn't have it somehow!

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Not buying it - never said I wouldn't have it somehow!

You little stinker ;)

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This won't get me to use HOME, but:


GREAT idea.

UPDATE: Sony's just got in touch to say the stores have not been opened yet and will not be available until after the regular Thursday weekly update maintenance that will commence at 8am GMT tomorrow.

ORIGINAL STORY: GAME will open a shop in the PlayStation 3's virtual world, Home.

Two new areas of Moonbase have become available: Moonbase Shop and the GAME V store.

From terminals in the Moonbase, you can view and order boxed PS3 and PSP games for home delivery. New releases and back catalogue games are all available for purchase.

The GAME V store, accessed via a "jump hole" portal within Moonbase, sells branded merchandise and virtual items for Home avatars and personal spaces. We're promised new items every month.

Last week PlayStation Home enjoyed something of a transformation with patch 1.4. It added a raft of new features, including multiplayer LittleBigPlanet paintball.

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Seems pretty pointless tbh, would rather just use Game.co.uk

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PS Home turns 2 - New games announced.


Fun facts:


New Games:

Conspiracy - Coming Jan 2011


There is a mystery afoot! Jet Set Games is getting ready to release its first ever PlayStation Home game and is ready to take players into a secret world filled with covert infiltration and espionage with their new action/puzzle game, Conspiracy. Conspiracy will have players join different factions as they work to steal goods from enemy corporations. As the rival corporations battle it out, they will uncover the mysteries of the ultimate Conspiracy. Be prepared to learn the secrets of the Conspiracy world in early 2011.

Sodium 2


Veteran PlayStation Home developers, Outso, are back with a sequel to their highly successful PlayStation Home game, Sodium One. Sodium 2 is looking to expand on every area of the original game with heavily customizable jet racers, supersonic speeds and a pounding soundtrack. The future of Sodium is coming soon, so be on look out for Outso's new game coming in Spring 2011 to a teleporter near you.

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There's some 3rd person shooter launching today that looks quite cool


I didn't know there were games you could buy through PS:Home?

The only thing I've done in home is walk around and go to the bowling alley lol.

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Thought I would pop into there to see the Killzone area, but not active on EU yet. Did notice that they are pretty much behind the times in the 'exclusive' PlayStation Plus members club though.....


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PlayStation Home gets real-time multiplayer and better graphics, thanks to new dev tools

Sony will release new tools which will allow developers to create real-time multiplayer games for PlayStation Home.

Version 1.5 of the Home core client is scheduled to launch this spring. According to Sony, it will allow for the creation of "fast-action" online first-person shooters and racing games within Home.

Such as Sodium 2: Project Velocity, which Sony showed a brief demo of during an update briefing. It looks like a futuristic racer set within desert landscape - WipEout meets MotorStorm, in other words. Expect customisable vehicles, a "pounding" soundtrack and a spring release date.

The update also features a revamped physics engine, said to allow for more realistic collisions and other physics elements. Plus there are new animation tools for better graphics and improved frame-rates.

Making the announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment America Executive Jack Buser said the new update is part of Sony's strategy to offer new gaming experiences within Home. "It's evolving from a social network into a world class gaming platform," he added.

Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-03-01-playstation-home-gets-real-time-multiplayer

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PlayStation Home 1.5 Update + Sodium Personal Space, Aurora War Event & More!

PlayStation Home will be taken offline this evening for our weekly content publish. While this downtime will occur approximately 24 hours earlier than what you have become accustomed to per our regular schedule, when the doors are re-opened on the morning of Wednesday, April 20th, you?ll find that PlayStation Home will be updated to version 1.5 and will, in turn, be bigger and better than ever before.

PlayStation Home v1.5 was developed with one singular goal in mind: high-quality games. The 1.5 update will introduce a suite of new technology for developers with tools that will provide their future games with real-time multiplayer, improved physics, as well as more realistic graphics and animations. PlayStation Home v1.5 is packed with tools and features that will enable developers to expand the types of games possible on the platform ? from first-person shooters with real-time, peer-to-peer multiplayer to racing games and more.

Also coming with v1.5 are more avatar save slots (24!), new facial building features, better furniture management, various graphical tweaks to the Navigator, improved object placement options within your personal space, increased Chat Log options, and more. For full patch notes, please visit the official PlayStation Home forums.

This week, the highly anticipated Sodium Blaster?s Paradise personal space will be released. Head to the Sodium Store in the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up this lush, sub-tropical personal space which includes the awesome Sodium TankTop 1.0 mini-game ? a maddeningly addictive game where you can blast away waves of enemies with an array of explosive weaponry and fight your way onto the leaderboards.



The latest additions to Lockwood Publishing?s Cucumber?s line will hit the shelves of the Sodium store this week. These wide arrays of items are available in a variety of shades which will leave you with a huge amount of scope to create an apartment that is personal, comfortable and stylishly decorated. Pro-tip: The Cucumber Value packs make it even easier to create the look you desire without spending precious time searching the Sodium store.

From now until May 1st in the mega-popular Aurora game space, nDreams will pit the North American community against the European community in a duel to determine which territory has the most hardcore PlayStation Home gamers in the ?Battle of the Atlantic? competition. Here?s how it will work: Each day nDreams will take an average of the top 50% of scores from each territory using both Orbrunner and Aurora Defense scores. The running total will increase as the average scores are added from the previous days and will be broadcast on the ticker in the Aurora space as well as on a special website set up for the event: AuroraWar.com. The prize? The top two best players from both North America and Europe will both be inducted as the first ?Generals of Aurora.?


This week in the PlayStation Home Community Theater, we introduce PS Talent, a long-standing Home-centric machinima, print and video group that specializes in showcasing the most talented members of the PlayStation Home community. For their first episode, the PS Talent team interview Heavy Water CEO, Tammy McDonald, and talk about the recently-released Pin-Up outfits.

Next up, PS Nation returns with some of their awesome coverage from GDC ? including pieces on Pixel Junk Shooter 2 and Super Chime Deluxe.

Last but certainly not least, Urgent Fury releases their fourth episode. Watch as host Jack Dellhouse reviews the recently released Homefront, followed by Wolfie D?s Newb Tube and coverage from PAX East.

See you in Home!

Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/19/playstation-home-1-5-update-sodium-personal-space-aurora-war-event-more/

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First look at client 1.55 (leaked video from beta).

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