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Q: There has been a lot of speculation that the new Mercedes team may field two German drivers next season?

Dieter Zetsch: What we would like to see would be the best drivers in the two seats. We certainly would not be opposed if one were German, but that is not a pre requisite which we would give the team.

Norbert Haug: I read some speculation and I understand this because we could not give this information earlier. But this will be an international team for Mercedes-Benz is a global player. If you look back in our history we have very often been criticised for not having a German driver, so we were always open and we took the driver decision always together with McLaren. This will be the same in the future. We want to have the best ones and we definitely do not want to have the pure German team - it's an international Silver Arrows team and we want to have the best drivers in the car.


so, button & kimi still have a shot :p


Fernando Alonso ends up in gravel on first Ferrari outing

video- http://www.crash.net/f1/video/154680/1/fer...ari_outing.html lol

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I'll believe it when there is an actual press release. It will be interesting to have an all British team. To be honest though if Hamilton has a car that is competitive from the start, he'll walk championship.

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F1-expert Erkki Mustakari from Urheilulehti still believes that Kimi R?ikk?nen will be seen in McLaren next season.b>

[quotEki, The Guardian told that Jenson Button would have a 3-year deal with McLaren. How do you comment the news?b>

I don't know what The Guardian bases it's information on but I wouldn't be startled by this news yet. My own understanding and belief is that Kimi is still negotiating with McLaren and I see as a more probable option that Kimi will be at McLaren and Button at Brawn next season.On what do you base that belief on?b>

When Mercedes-Benz finally makes their flashy entrance into F1 with their own brand it's certain that their plans won't fall on the reigning WDC asking a million or two more. To Ross Brawn a million or two millions could have been decisive matters but now when Merc is standing behind it all, Button staying in the team won't fall upon his demand of salary. Of course they know at Merc that Button isn't the best F1-driver in the world but he has big marketing values attached to himself. He would firstly be a WDC and if he would drive for Merc next season then the silver arrows would be numbered 1 and 2. The numbers itself have a big symbolic value.You said that Button isn't necessarily the best driver in the world. Doesn't that go against hiring Button?b>

When Nico Rosberg comes to Merc then Merc will have a splendid duo for next season. A WDC and a young promising driver who even is 100 % German to Mercedes.Could Kimi be Mercedes surprise card for next season's 2nd driver?b>

Of course everything in F1 is always possible but Merc buying Brawn didn't come as any surprise to anyone - and you can be damn sure it didn't come as a surprise for Kimi. When Kimi said that it's either McLaren or a year off he knew for sure that Merc is buying Brawn and if he had thought that the new Brawn-Mercedes would be an option he would definitely had used other words.Why don't you see Brawni as an option for Kimi?b>

Simply because Kimi thinks that McLaren is the only car he can boot Ferrari in the head with. It's absolutely certain that Kimi won't go anymore as a pig behind the others, he is only and I repeat, only, going there to win. And for that he needs a car he believes in as much as the goat believes in his big horns.If it still would happen in this roulette that Button would go to McLaren, would it mean that....b>

Yes. It would mean that Kimi R?ikk?nen would not be seen in F1 next season. An option like that is a big threath to the whole sport and I'm sure one small British gentleman named Bernie Ecclestone will do his everything so that Kimi would continue in It would be devastating for the sport if this season's WDC would be beaten over and over again in McLaren and his marketing value would vanish into thin air. I've been around for some time and you bump into Kimi's face all over the world in the biggest advertising sheets but where have I bumped into Button? Only on the paddock.:D


this quote - " I've been around for some time and you bump into Kimi's face all over the world in the biggest advertising sheets but where have I bumped into Button? Only on the paddock" is kinda true.

here in India, a lot & i mean a LOT of his helmet design /replica are sold (motorcycle helmet).

even the cheap ones ($:p) :p have his name & that crazy design.

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Montezemolo set to quit FOTA role

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says he is likely to step down from his role as president of FOTA at the end of the year.

The Italian took the role when the Formula One Teams' Association was formed back in July of 2008.

Di Montezemolo says, however, that he is set to quit FOTA to focus on his role as Ferrari and Fiat president.

"I took up the president role because I felt it was good to have teams competing on the track, and talking out of it like sports professionals," di Montezemolo told Autosprint.

"This is what we did. However, I have another job and I can't do everything. So, I really think that I will step down at the end of the year."



Glock joins Manor for 2010

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Raikkonen to take a sabbatical in 2010

Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen will take a sabbatical from Formula 1 next year, his manager has revealed, following the collapse of talks with McLaren about a deal for 2010.

Raikkonen said last month that, in the wake of being released from his Ferrari contract, his only option to remain in F1 was with McLaren - because he wanted to be guaranteed a top-line grand prix car.

However, amid increasing speculation that Jenson Button is on his way to the British team, Raikkonen's manager Steve Robertson revealed on Tuesday night that discussions with McLaren had come to an end.

"The options in F1 were with McLaren next season or not at all," Robertson was quoted as saying by respected Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat, which has close links with the Raikkonen camp. "Kimi and McLaren were unable to reach an agreement, so he will not drive at the F1 level - at least not next year.

More @ autosport

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I hope Kimi stays in F1 because he is an exiting driver to watch and perhaps the best out of the whole lot; he's also great in a rally car and has a good sense of humour. Alonso I feel has kinda lost it since 06/07 and pretty much doesn't seem to get along with any of his teammates. Button is kinda overrated but he does take risks and great at overtaking. Hamilton takes too many risks and he is annoyingly promoted all the time during the BBC commentary team which we have to listen to in Aus. I'm actually slightly surprised that Button wants to change teams seeing that he won the championship with Brawn.

I think we'll be looking at some great competition next year with Vettel and Webber who in my opinion, are the best teammates and seemingly get along quite well. Massa should make a good comeback as well and it will be interesting to see how well Alonso and him get along and which driver Ferrari will support. If Red Bull/Christian Horner keep on form then I think either Vettel or Webber will take away the championship as both are terrific drivers in both wet and dry and take good care of their tires. Kimi would be a valuable asset for any team lucky to scoop him up.

Oh and the no refueling rule should prove quite interesting as it will most likely force drivers to overtake for positions rather than relying on the pit stops as at the current time, we hardly see any overtaking apart from at the start. Hopefully they also get rid off (if they haven't done so already) that "dirty air" created due to the complex nature of the aerodynamics to create maximum downforce which in turn slows down and keeps the other car behind by approx .5 secs.

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Problem for Kimi is he was being paid something like ?25m last year if I remember the salaries correctly. None of the teams other than McLaren can AFFORD him:pp

Also, Button wanted to move to McLaren from Brawn as he thinks they'll have a more competitive car this year (which makes sense, they were much stronger in the end season, and they have more money to throw at development).

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^for button, its not just about car, he wants to earn atleast what he used to get, in that crappy honda :p

hamilton may have played a part in keeping kimi off mclaren, coz hami. knows he can beat jenson with his eyes closed :rofl: , but kimi would be completely different story.

btw, i already posted kimi's sabbatical in the 2010 thread - https://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...amp;p=591862226 :p

2009 season is over, so i thought posting in that threead makes more sense :D


Brawn against Button McLaren switch

Ross Brawn believes that Jenson Button's future in Formula 1 would be best served by staying at the team that helped make him a title winner, rather than make the switch to rival McLaren.

Despite mounting speculation that Button is close to signing a contract to join McLaren, having agreed terms with the Woking-based team, Brawn is adamant about where the world champion should drive in 2010.

"Negotiations [with Button] are continuing and the reports that he has already agreed terms with McLaren are not helpful. I would be amazed if that were the case," Brawn told The Independent newspaper.

"His best future is with our team, where he has a good group around him, and there's a lot to be said for that. The logical thing would be for him to stay with us, but of course logic doesn't always prevail."

Talks between Button and Brawn stalled after the two parties could not agree financial terms for a new deal - with Button's camp adamant that he deserved a wages hike after taking a ?5 million pay cut for this year.

But with Brawn's finances tight, even following its takeover by Mercedes-Benz, the team and driver could not agree on a figure before McLaren entered the equation.

Brawn CEO Nick Fry told Radio 5 earlier this week that his team would not get involved in an auction for Button's services.

"We've had discussions with Jenson on what we think is a sensible salary and this is not going to change anything," Fry said about the impact of the team becoming Mercedes Grand Prix. "We're running with a budget that is probably less than most and that's what Mercedes likes."

McLaren appears set on finalising a deal with Button, having broken off talks with Kimi Raikkonen about a deal for 2010 - which has left the Finn facing a sabbatical next year.

Mercedes GP will run Nico Rosberg in one of its cars next season, with speculation having linked Nick Heidfeld with the other seat should Button jump ship.


brawn being too bitchy?

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Button joins Hamilton at McLaren

Jenson Button has signed to drive alongside Lewis Hamilton in an all-English line-up at McLaren next season, BBC Sport has learned.

The world champion's move will be announced later on Wednesday.

The confirmation follows news that former world champion Kimi Raikkonen will not race in F1 next year.

The move leaves McLaren with one of the most exciting driver line-ups in F1 and Button facing arguably the toughest challenge of his career.

Button's former team Brawn, who have been taken over by Mercedes, made Button an offer, but the 29-year-old did not consider it acceptable.

His switch means McLaren will be fielding the last two world champions in the same team, Hamilton having won the drivers' title in 2008.

More @ BBC Sport

AWESOME :D McLaren are gonna be serious strong next season!

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good for brits., not that big news for rest of us.

now, alonso will use santander money to make him favored driver at ferrari. poor massa, he got only 1 chance for winning WDC & he lost it.

in recent years, no one was as clean driver with no politics as kimi. & a good team mate too.

kimi's mangers were saying they'll ask twice Sebastian Loeb's salary for WRC drive.

they are on their way to make kimi jobless. lololol

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Woot, an all-British team. Hope they get a competitive car. Also hope they both go head-to-head on Top Gear sometime this winter :p

Also, http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport...one/8365967.stm


Quote of the day? :p

Obviously we don't know what he was asking for salary wise, but if 2009 is anything to go buy, you'd be hard pressed to find any team willing to pay $45m for a single driver. Thats over twice Hammilton's last season. I know the guy is good, but $45m, really?

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^ Lol, "jobless" whilst earning $45 million in 2009 ;) I want to be jobless like him ;)

yeah, but now he has no other option to lower his pay after 2010 to bare minimum to get into F1 & i'm sure if he goes to WRC asking twice the salary of 6 times champ, he'll be jobless for a longtime.

as he got pushed out of Ferrari, its a big embarrassment to him, so he wanted to beat the **** out of Ferrari, a reason why he ONLY wanted McLaren seat.

he could have used Brawn for beating ferrari. stupid guy.

he'll still get money in 2010 from ferrari, but its so frustrating not beat them(race in 2010) & still get majority :p

i liked only schumi & kimi since 2003, never liked Alonso the crybaby, rubens the second fiddle diddle :p, lewis the douche, massa the ***. :rofl:

next year i'd like to see Vettle winning WDC.

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Vettel and Webber were both really impressive this year, outside of point-scoring Hammilton, they were the drivers I was favouring for the back half of the season. Vettel has an amazing season.

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Its good yet bad news about Button moving, Button going into a strong team with a good car (now) and its bad because he is leaving Brawn, I think they will be fairly weak next season, no matter who they get to drive. They will once again be the sub-standard middle of the field team.

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muhahahahaha :devil:

Raikkonen would consider Mercedes

Kimi Raikkonen would be willing to consider a race seat at Mercedes Grand Prix next season - but only if the team could convince him it will be good enough to fight for race wins and the world championship.

Raikkonen is currently facing the prospect of taking a sabbatical from Formula 1 next year after he could not reach an agreement with his preferred option McLaren for a drive alongside Lewis Hamilton. With his talks there stalled, McLaren instead completed a deal with Jenson Button.

Although Raikkonen said recently that it was McLaren or nothing for him in F1 next year, Button's shock exit from the former Brawn GP team may have changed the situation.

Raikkonen's manager Steve Robertson said on Thursday that although a sabbatical remained the most likely outcome, the 2007 world champion would listen to any offer that Mercedes made if it was interested.

"This is Formula 1. If they can offer, or convince us, that they can provide Kimi an opportunity that Kimi is happy with, and that we are happy with, and he feels he can win races and the championship, then never say never," Robertson told AUTOSPORT about the situation with Mercedes GP. "There is always a possibility."

He added: "There are not that many teams that would appeal to Kimi because he is honest when he says he has got to have a car to win. He is not interested in the money.

"Of course, money is a part of it but he doesn't need the money. He wants a car where he can show his talent. He was very frustrated this year by the fact that he could not win more races and challenge for the championship.

"When you have been in F1 for nine years and been a world champion then you need challenges – and for Kimi the challenge is to win championships and races."

Robertson said that Raikkonen had the desire to compete at the top level in F1 and that even if he went off and did rallying for a year, he would definitely work hard to find a seat with a front-running F1 team for 2011.

When asked if Raikkonen had the hunger to get back into F1, Robertson said: "Yes. As far as Kimi is concerned he has unfinished business - if the opportunity is there to win races and another championship. That is his main goal.

"Now it looks like he is not doing F1 we will look at other options. Rallying, or something else – but there is nothing firmed up in that area yet because F1 has only just finished for us in the last few days. Now it is the time to discuss other things."


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Brawn will not release Button early

Jenson Button will be blocked from doing any work for his new team McLaren before the end of the year by his current employer Brawn, AUTOSPORT can reveal.

The Mercedes-Benz owned team has Button under contract to the end of 2009, and although in similar cases squads have sometimes released departing drivers to their new teams early by mutual consent, his current employer has no intention of doing so.

Button's current contract expires on December 31, and although he will be free to work with McLaren once that date has passed, Brawn will be "rigorously enforcing" his contract until that time.

"Jenson will not be doing anything at all for McLaren until the end of this calendar year," Brawn chief executive officer Nick Fry told AUTOSPORT. "And if he does, we will be looking on it very dimly.

"He didn't have any obligations to us for 2010, but there are issues with regards to the signing process on which we are in discussion with him at the moment.

"There are clear constraints on what Jenson can do between now and the end of the year, which we will be rigorously enforcing."

Button signed a three-year contract with the defunct Honda team during the 2008 season that tied him to the team until 2011, but when the outfit was reformed as Brawn he signed a new deal for only the 2009 season.


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