What was the last movie you watched?


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Watched ParaNorman last night, posted on Facebook my impression of it...

Just watched the animated movie ParaNorman.

Truly, truly enjoyed it.

Excellent movie as the visuals alone are nothing less than stunning. I have always had the utmost of respect for all stop animation, and although I know computers were used to enhance things, I do also know that for the most part the animators did things the good old fashioned way. One precious frame at a time.

WIRED magazine a

ctually had an awesome little behind the scenes couple of pages spread for the movie at least a year ago now that absolutely sparked my interest in seeing the movie. For whatever reason I just never got around to doing so in the theater, although I wanted to do so.

The writing is definitely decent. It was not exceptional as far as dialogue goes, however there were some really clever lines that were without a doubt written for the adults watching. The overall message was a tad par for the course, however it was still a positive message overall and one that will remain a classic as long as the art of story telling exists... It's okay to be different. Embrace individuality.

Speaking of adult tones, I do feel it is worth mentioning that I cannot see this film being an okay film to watch for younger kids. There is some very weighty material as far as life and death. I am also quite convinced that certain scenes would scare the pants off of younger kids.

With that said, any teenagers and adults who are fans of the animated movie genre, ParaNorman is definitely recommend recommended viewing.

So a 8.5/10 for ParaNorman

Also, went to see Lincoln at the theater earlier today. I had no clue the movies was going to be that crowded on Black Friday, so although we arrived 20 minutes early, still got stuck sitting in the 3rd row. Definitely not my preferred place to sit at the movies, not even close. So that took away some of the enjoyment. The sound was also a bit muffled being so close. Not sure why, but sure enough I went and stood in another normal area (meaning not the front rows) of the theater, and the sound was much louder and clearer to hear. I have pretty bad hearing, so I was not able to make out every word said unfortunately.

Even with the horrible seats and not hearing everything, an absolutely flawless movie. Loved it.

9.25/10 for Lincoln

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The Rocketeer. I liked so much this film when I was younger. And now... WTF is this ****?!?


Man on the Moon. Odd, bittersweet movie....


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I went to see SKYFALL last Friday. Wow, what an awesome Bond flick. And to me, this seems like the first true 007 movie since the 'reboot'. We meet the new Q, and at the end we discover Miss Moneypenny, and Ralph Fienes as the new M. Just a great show, and a classic James Bond story. Now, hopefully we can get back to them coming out with a new one every 2 years.


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The Dark Knight Rises

5/5 - Although no character in here is as great as The Joker, I liked the movie more than The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

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