Teenager shot dead for blowing vuvuzela

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I'll post this again because people seem to be taking this article as if it's fact.

The 14-year-old was found in the man's back garden and rushed to hospital but died of his injuries.
He said: ?The man thought the victim was a robber and shot at him. He was arrested on the same day and has been charged with murder.?
?My neighbour recently moved into the neighbourhood, he didn?t like vuvuzelas and the noise they made. I think that?s the reason he killed my son.?

Who does like Vuvuzelas? and you think? the entire reason for this article is because someone THINKS he might have been killed because of a vuvuzela? was there a vuvuzela next to the kid?

However Mr Cele disputed the claim. He added: ?It was not that dark and my son was not covering his face so my neighbour could clearly see who he was firing at.

As he said above the man has just moved into to the neighbourhood how does he know his kid? South Africa is an incredibly dangerous place which tops a lot of list for murders, rape, hijackings, home invasion etc.

From April 2008 to March 2009


Robbery with aggravating circumstances 121,392

Common robbery 59,232


Burglary at business premises 70,009

Burglary at residential premises 246,616


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