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nice screen shots...? but don't you guys get tired of the explorer shell?? there are SO MANY alternatives out there.? Like Litestep for instant.

^2 cents.

explorer's usability is hard to replace. 1 of em is put icons on desktop freely.


hm... care explaining to me why i don't see a lot of ss with icons on desktop?


hm... care explaining to me why i don't see a lot of ss without icons on desktop?

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Clickie for tha biggie

Boring blue, Yz Toolbar and Dock, VS is Advance Pro and the basic luna shell, basic PPoor gradient desktop from the toolbar color.

Edit: Too minimalist now that I look at it, gonna change it RIGHT away ;)

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Haven't posted my desktop in a while, but hopefully this detailed post will be a nice way to get back into it :p.


Click for full size (1280x1024 - 800kb)

Icons: Start Menu - Noia Icons, Folders - Aqua Folders (pm me about it, there's a whole bunch), Internet Browser Icons - Assorted, Firebird by JairoB, the rest I forget, pm me, TXT File - ViViD File Types by Dangeruss, Recycling Bin - Latest icons by Carlitus, he hasn't named them yet, Dock Icons - Way to many, just pm me about any of them.

Visual Style - SmoothMilk idea by cmove, Both themes by Max, ported by KoL, I did what cmove did but change the colours around to what I liked the most, also custom Start Button that I do on all themes now :p. (Screenshot is edited so you can see the buttons even though that's not the active window).

Dock - YzDock 0.8.3

Docklets - Drives, Mail Checker, Weather - All at

Background - Scrutiny from

Mouse Pointer - BlueCurve by Dazzla

Toolbar - YzToolbar 1.3 Milk theme

Programs In System Tray - ICQ, MSN 6.0, mIRC, Norton Antivirus

Well that's it, anymore questions just post here or pm me!

Hope you like!

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Christ, some nice desktops!!

I've picked up a few new wallpapers now. Just deciding which to use is the problem! lol

I've nicked parts of all of yours now, so I wont bother posting mine!!

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wall - lambo love

'winamp skin - ts

theme - outline by bant

anyone know how to remove the "it is safe to remove hardware icon in the bottom right" ?


No, but you can hide it by right clicking the task bar > properties> customise > find the Safely Remove Hardware icon and set it to Always Hide.

Hope that helps!

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