10,000 Participants Join Windows Home Server Beta 2

At the beginning of this week, Joel Sider, Sr. Product Manager, Windows Server PR, said that the Windows Home Server team was sending out invitations to the limited beta 2 program by the truckload. Well, he wasn't far from the truth. As of this week, the number of requests for participations on the second beta to the Windows Home Server has jumped in excess of 25,000. This amount of response is immense when you take into consideration the fact that, at the beginning of January 2007, this product was a Microsoft inhouse secret.

"Last Friday, we invited the first 10,000 people who filled out the survey to join the Windows Home Server Beta 2 program. Here are a few stats: 9,835 people entered a valid e-mail address, 6,693 have activated their Connect Invitation ID, 5,686 have acquired a product key from the Connect site for installing the software," revealed Todd Headrick, the product planner for the Microsoft Windows Home Server.

And this is not enough. The Windows Home Server team will continue to welcome participants to the beta 2 program. At this point in time, none of the members of the WHS team has indicated what the limit will be. "We hope to be sending out another bunch of invitations soon ... thanks for your patience," Headrick added.

There is also a public web forum where users will be able to access additional information related to Windows Home Server: https://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsHomeServer and https://www.serverplayground.com.

News source: Softpedia

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