Adobe: Windows 8 "will support Flash just fine"

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system would not support plug-in programs. That caused many in the industry to speculate that web sites that were made to be run on Adobe's popular Flash tools might soon be a thing of the past, to be replaced by sites that use HTML5. Now Adobe has issued its own statement about Windows 8 and its support of Flash in a post on its official blog.

Adobe states, "We expect Windows desktop to be extremely popular for years to come (including Windows 8 desktop) and that it will support Flash just fine, including rich web based games and premium videos that require Flash." Adobe also said that it expects that Flash based programs will run on Windows 8 via its Flash AIR development tools.

Adobe added that the company is "about enabling content publishers and developers to deliver the richest experiences for their users, independent of technology, including HTML5 and Flash. We are working closely with Microsoft, Google, Apple and others in the HTML community to drive innovation in HTML5, to make it as rich as possible for delivering world-class content on the open Web and through App Stores. We are excited about the innovation and opportunities that are available to our customers and Adobe as the web and platforms evolve across devices, including Windows 8 and Metro."

Microsoft issued the first developers preview version of Windows 8, with the new Metro version of IE 10, earlier this week as part of its BUILD Conference. The public can go ahead and download the free developers preview from Microsoft's web site, but keep in mind that it lacks a number of features that will be in the final version of Windows 8.

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