AMD confirms thin and light Athlon XPs

CHIP FIRM AMD got its first strike in against the Centrino blitz here in CeBIT by announcing its first chip for the so called thin-and-light market. It has a total of 12 notebook processors used bz a variety of vendors, the firm said. The range includes XP-Ms at 1700+ speeds and above using microPGA packaging.

Its full size notebook chips, also in the XP-M series, come at speeds of 2000+ up to 2600+ and are aimed at the burgeoning desknote marketplace.

AMD said its low voltage Athlon XP-M are Socket A parts support a 266MHz front side bus, use .13 micron process tech and it claims it is deploying an open-architecture 802.11diddly approach, allowing for a range of third party vendors to add their own wireless kits. It said Fujitsu will use the XP-M in a Lifebook notebook

News source: The Inq

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