AMD has plans for chips in Android and Chrome devices

 Although they are still 'committed' to Windows 8.

AMD is trying to expand beyond the traditional PC market for its processors. It recently announced plans to create chips using designs from ARM, and also helped to develop much of the hardware inside the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles.

Now AMD has confirmed it will be developing processors designed to be put inside Android and Chrome OS devices., reporting from Computex 2013, said the support for Google's operating systems will be in addition to AMD's continued support of Microsoft's Windows 8.

Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business units at AMD, stated, "We are very committed to Windows 8; we think it's a great operating system, but we also see a market for Android and Chrome developing as well." Su did not state when the first Android or Chrome PCs with AMD chips would be released.

Last year, AMD launched their Z-01 and Z-60 tablet processors for Windows 8 devices. However, those chips were only used in a few products from PC OEMs and were overshadowed by tablets that had Intel's Clover Trail-based Atom chips. AMD will try again with the A4 and A6 processors, which will launch later in 2013. AMD says Windows 8 tablets with those chips will have up to eight hours of battery life

Source: | Image via AMD

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