AMD to launch 0.13-micron processors with die size smaller than Intel's chips

During the CeBIT trade show here today, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. announced that it plans to ship its first 0.13-micron microprocessors later this month.

AMD's 0.13-micron chips, codenamed "Thoroughbred," are part of the company's Athlon XP family of processors. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company did not any specifications or speed grades for the new processors, however.

At present, AMD's Athlon processors are based on 0.18-micron technology. The "Thoroughbred" core is approximately 38% smaller than its 0.18-micron chips and is said to occupy less space than Intel Corp.'s processors.

"Our closest competitor's most recently announced processor on 0.13-micron technology is nearly 83% larger than AMD's 0.13-micron process solution," said Bill Siegle, senior vice president and chief scientist of AMD's Technology Operations. "Moving to 0.13-micron technology will enable us to produce higher-performing products while lowering costs, putting us in an even stronger competitive position," he said.

With this transition to 0.13-micron technology, AMD expects its processors to deliver improved performance, lower power and smaller die sizes.

"AMD's leadership in manufacturing technology and design capabilities helps ensure that this small die will give us even more advantage in the future," Siegle said. "Our Fab 30 team in Dresden is already approaching mature yields for the 80mm2 `Thoroughbred' die," he said.

By the end of 2002, AMD expects that all of the Athlon processor family will be produced on 0.13-micron technology. AMD alsoexpects to begin shipping its next-generation, 64-bit processor codenamed "Hammer," based on 0.13-micron technology. This processor also uses a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology.

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