Apple and IBM Make Most Reliable Computers

Apple and IBM/Lenovo lead a list of the most reliable computer brands, according to fresh US research. Adjusted by market share,'s latest findings are based on the number of calls the troubleshooting company receives for each make of computer. Results were based on 20,000 calls.

"When people purchase computers they want to know about reliability," said David Milman, founder and CEO of "We're constantly asked our opinion about the best computers to buy. The Computer Reliability Report helps address this question and can be used as a helpful tool for those in the market for a new computer."

The report shows that computers from IBM/Lenovo are the most reliable, scoring an index rating of 243 points. Apple is close behind, with a score of 201 points. Next runners up include: HP/Compaq, 12 points; Dell, 4 points; Gateway with minus 12 points and "others" with minus 16 points. Large numbers are better.

"Whether it's due to hardware quality or vendor customer support, clearly IBM/Lenovo and Apple are well ahead of their rivals when it comes to reliability," Milman says. "We're pleased to be able to offer this insight to help computer users make informed choices when deciding which computer they should buy," he added.

News source: Macworld UK

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