Apple has sold 700 million iPhones to date

To say that the iPhone has been anything other than a game-changing product for Apple would be playing down the product's success. The device, which sells millions every time a new model is announced in the first weekend, is available around the world in a variety of different configurations.

At Apple's 'Spring Forward' event today in San Francisco, Tim Cook took to the stage and announced that the company has sold over 700 million iPhones since the device was announced several years ago. No matter how you put it, selling 700 million of anything is impressive, let alone a device that costs several hundred dollars on contract and even more, contract free.

Apple's iPhone has been a hero device for the company and opened the doors to consumers to try out other products like a Mac and an iPad. Because of this, the company has grown to be the most valuable corporation in the world in terms of market capitalization which now sits at around 740 billion dollars.

Apple has solidified that they will only release one new phone per year and until the fall rolls around, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be the flagship phones for the company. Considering how well the device has been selling, the strategy is working well for the company.

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