Apple to unveil iPad 2 on March 2 [Update]

Nobody can deny that Apple’s new iPad is a hot topic in the tech world. Rumored release dates are posted and changed and system specs are theorized almost daily. Now, according to All Things Digital, the wait will soon be over as Apple will be revealing details on the iPad 2 on March 2. Although nobody has received an official invitation to the party yet, the report states that the event will be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Unlike last year when the iPad was one of the only real tablets on the market, the landscape has changed with the introduction of new tablets such as Motorola's Xoom. Apple has a huge head start that will be difficult for competitors to overcome, but the company can't simply rest on its laurels. They have a large install base of tablets, but will the iPad 2 be just as popular? The question revolves around saturation: If 15 million tablets were sold in the past year, how many of those people will be compelled to purchase the new version? How many new customers can Apple attract to their offering as opposed to their opposition?

While the official specs of the iPad 2 have yet to be released, there has been plenty of speculation on the Internet.  The common rumors revolve around the new device having two cameras, an SD card slot, and higher screen resolution. Other reports say that the screen resolution will be the same. It appears that all of these questions will be answered next week.

We'll be watching the details of this announcement closely to see what Apple is doing to improve the tablet experience and to differentiate themselves from their newfound competition.

[Update] It looks like both the New York Times and Reuters are now confirming this date.

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