Apple's App Store to remain nudity free

The web was all aflutter last week when Hugh Hefner himself tweeted that Playboy magazine would be coming to the iPad uncensored. It appears that this was a miscommunication – probably intentional – as Computerworld clarifies that we will not see an uncensored Playboy app, but instead will be able to access Playboy’s website on an iPad. The company also mentioned that the site will “utilize iPad functions,” but remains mum on what that actually means.

Apple has always had a tight grip over what is allowed in its App Store, with sexuality being one of the touchiest subjects. While some people say that the restrictions are fine given the fact that the browser can still access internet sites, others believe that it is censorship and that Apple should open up the doors for consenting adults. In fact, not everything being blocked by Apple is pure nudity. Last year, the Guardian reported that fashion magazine Dazed and Confused has stated that the “iPad edition has been nicknamed the Iran edition by the people putting it together, given the parallels between censorship in the Muslim theocracy and the iTunes store.”

Does Apple’s tight grip on applications in their store make the platform better? Or would you prefer to do what Steve Jobs suggests when he said, “Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”

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