Atari announces price for Test Drive Unlimited - $39.95

According to Gamespot, we've got some very good news for Test Drive fans. Atari in their infinite wisdom has decided to lower the price point of the upcoming racer to $39.95 USD on the Xbox 360. This falls in line with the other platforms the game will be released on, which includes the PS2, PSP, Xbox and the PC.
Over the past couple of months, several game publishers have begun offering games at the $40 mark. Rockstar is a recent example offering Table Tennis for the lower price. Older games such as Burnout Revenge and The Outfit also saw their prices slashed to the $40 price point.
I'm guessing the games didn't perform so well at the $60 USD price most Xbox 360 games debut at? I could be wrong of course since I don't own a 360 and don't normally keep up with console stats. However this move by Atari and the other companies, could signal a shift in price points for newly released Xbox 360 games. If AAA titles can be released at $40, this is a good thing trust me.
In closing, a demo of Test Drive Unlimited has been available on the Xbox Live Marketplace since May. So if you haven't tried out the racer yet, now would be a good time as we are now less than 2 months away from release. For $40.

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