ATI Denies X1000 Delays

ATI has denied rumors that portions of its recently introduced X1000 product line are experiencing delays, according to X-bit labs. Currently, a majority of stores only have the X1800 XL in stock, which has been available for the past few weeks. X1600 series and X1800 XT cards were slated to appear between October 30th and November 2nd, but currently only one US based store, Allstarshop, has the X1800 XT available. ATI's budget X1000 line, the X1300, was scheduled for availability alongside the X1800 XL. However, searches on popular online comparison shopping sites revealed no X1300's for sale.

A spokesperson from ATI denied the rumors, stating that product release dates have not changed. ATI has received a lot of criticism over its X1000 launch after NVIDIA announced immediate availability of 7800 series cards upon launching the line this past June.

News source: X-bit labs

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