Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is now available for big customers

Atlassian's project and software management tools such as Confluence, Trello, and Jira are used globally, with the company boasting over 194,000 customers. Today, the firm has announced the availability of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for its biggest customers, namely Fortune 500 companies that require scalable infrastructure with robust governance.

ZDNet reports that the plan is to transition enterprise customers to cloud-based subscriptions, where they will have managed governance, security, uptime, and compliance. The solution is primarily aimed at large organizations, which have multiple deployments of Atlassian running simultaneously to meet the needs of their teams.

Atlassian co-CEO Michael Cannon-Brookes stated that the cloud solution has been very positively received in early access, saying that:

We've had a lot of customers in the early access program for about the last 6 months, testing that with us. Again, the enterprise edition has high levels of compliance and security standards, data residency and a whole lot of other features as well as unlimited instances. So you get unlimited scale. So rather than buying one Jira Software instance and a second Jira Software instance, you get -- you pay, obviously, a higher price but you get unlimited Jira Software instances. That allows you to create and segment your business, as very large companies often need to do. We've been very pleased with that adoption so far.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers multiple benefits including 99.95% guaranteed uptime, and service-level agreements (SLAs) which included dedicated support teams available to contact on short notice. It is also compliant with the latest security standards of data encryption in transit, and supports other features such as single sign-on, audit logs, and two-factor authentication as well. Most importantly, admins can set up multiple instances, separated by region as dictated by compliance, and each instance can support up to 20,000 users.

You can find out more about Atlassian Cloud Enterprise by heading over to the dedicated page here.

Source: Atlassian via ZDNet

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