AT&T to provide bandwidth for QuakeCon 2011

Next week's free QuakeCon 2011 LAN event will be getting a big boost in its broadband infrastructure. The Bethblog web site has announced that AT&T will be a major sponsor of the event which is being held from August 4-7 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. AT&T will give the show "more than five times the bandwidth ever made available to the event". This should allow for all QuakeCon attendees to have a better Internet experience. It will also allow people who cannot attend QuakeCon to watch the event's tournaments and other activities via live video streams.

In related news, QuakeCon attendees will get a chance to win a tricked out 2011 Molten Orange Ford F-150 Raptor SVT, valued at $69,719. Attendees will get chances throughout the show to win one of 100 lottery tickets. On August 6, one of of those 100 tickets will be pulled with the holder of the winning ticket getting the Ford F-150 truck as the prize. The giveaway is being sponsored by the Ventrilo VoIP software company.

QuakeCon 2011 will also have a number of panels and special presentations including the always entertaining and informative QuakeCon keynote speech by id Software's John Carmack. Bethesda Softworks will also show special public demos of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and Prey 2 during the event. One QuakeCon attendee who has reserved a room at the Hilton Anatole will also get a chance to have his or her room upgraded for free to a premium suite courtesy of Betheda Softworks. That winner will also get invited to the exclusive QuakeCon party on Thursday night as well as other special privileges. Finally, the latest official Bethesda Softworks podcast interviews a number of id Software team members as they talk about QuakeCon, the early days of id Software and what QuakeCon 2011 attendees can expect to see of Rage, the developer's next game which will be released in October. Neowin will be attending QuakeCon 2011 and covering all of the big activities.

Image via QuakeCon

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