Autodesk Acquires Alias

3D Studio Max and Maya are now owned by the same company. Autodesk has acquired Alias, makers of the popular 3D modeling program Maya for $182 million in cash.

Most 3D modeling that you see in movies, TV, and games is done using either Maya or 3D Studio Max. This concentration of market power by a single company in such a key market has many designers and artists quite nervous.

"What about the cost of both products?" said Scott Tykoski, a 3D graphics designer at Stardock. "These are expensive products today when there's competition, what about in the future? Are we going to be paying $12,000 base cost for these programs in a year?"

According to Autodesk, the product release schedule for both products will continue into the foreseeable future without modification. The two companies will continue to exist and market and sell both Maya and 3D Studio Max for the near future.

What the actual effect on development of both products now that competition between the two is gone remains to be seen. This story is still developing..


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