Baby purchased on Internet being held by authorities

Reuters reports that a Belgian boy was purchased over the Internet by a couple in Ghent. Reports indicate that the potential parents paid between $6421.90 and $12843.81 USD for the child.

The couple denies paying for the actual child, stating that any costs they paid were merely pregnancy costs that were charged to the natural parents.

Dutch officials state that the couple have broken the laws for adopting children and as such the baby must be handed over to welfare authorities. The Netherlands courts have asked that the boy be placed into temporary custody until a decision is made by the Belgian government as to what action is required.

The temporary withholding of the child according to the Netherlands Justice Council is due to the lack of clarity in regards to the child's family history, something that "is of fundamental importance for a child growing up."

Inquiries are being made by both Dutch and Belgian officials.

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