BBC launches new BBC iPlayer app for PS3/TVs

The BBC has today launched a brand new version of their “BBC iPlayer” service for TVs. The updated version has now been designed to make best use of the screen space provided by internet-ready televisions in the United Kingdom and comes with not only a much improved design, but also improved search options and the option of adding programmes to favourites.

The new version of BBC iPlayer has been released first for the PlayStation 3, with the option of “many more TV screens in the coming months” according to the BBC. One of the main changes to the PlayStation 3 version is that it no longer runs via the built-in browser, but via a new standalone app that also provides access to the BBC’s HD based channels.

The App is just 3mbs in size and all you need to do to get it is to restart your PlayStation 3 and then click on the BBC iPlayer link within the XMB. Once installed you have the option to choose from three varying video quality settings, HD, SD and Lower Quality. When watching a programme that is in HD, you also get the option to switch to a faster, lower quality version if you wish to do so.

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