Best Buy offers list of its planned US store closings

In late March, Best Buy announced that it would close 50 of its large retail store locations in the US. Now the company has revealed the list of the stores locations that will be shut down. The list was posted in a press release issued, unusually, on a Saturday.

Two of the 50 stores on the list have actually already closed down; one in Kansas City, Missouri., and the other in Scottsdale, Arizona. Best Buy has also informed the staff at five of its locations in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota area and one in San Antonia, Texas that they will be closed later this year.

The other 42 store locations are listed in the press release. They include seven stores in California, six in Illinois, and four in Virginia. Most of the stores will shut down by May 12. Three more unnamed store locations will close by sometime this summer.

Best Buy is still dealing with the sudden resignation of its CEO Brian Dunn just a few days ago, While this move was first seen as a result of the company's current financial situation, Best Buy later admitted that Dunn resigned after the company launched an investigation into his "personal conduct" and not his handling of the business itself.

The Wall Street Journal reports via unnamed sources that Best Buy's investigation, which is still ongoing, revolves around allegations that Dunn misused company funds while having some kind of relationship with an unnamed Best Buy female employee.

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