Best Buy stores already displaying Windows 8 PCs

Windows 8 PCs can't technically be sold for another two weeks, but lots of people can apparently check them out well ahead of the October 26th launch date, if they go to their local Best Buy store. Some of the store locations have laptops, tablets and all-in-one PCs running Microsoft's next PC OS on store shelves. has posted up images of HP laptops and all-in-one PCs running Windows 8 in a Best Buy store in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In addition, Neowin has independently confirmed that a local Best Buy store in Greenville, South Carolina also has working Windows 8 tablets and desktops on its store shelves.

While anyone is free to operate the Windows 8 PCs in the Best Buy stores, you can't actually purchase them until October 26th. We have not confirmed if every Best Buy retail store location will have working Windows 8 PCs ahead of the launch dates so we would recommend that if you live near a Best Buy store, you call ahead to see if your particular location has them in place before you drive to the store itself.

Best Buy has launched its Windows 8 page on its official retail website and is taking online pre-orders for both Windows 8 PCs as well as the retail disk version of Windows 8 Pro.

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