Bill Gates thinks Jeff Bezos's Amazon flying delivery drone plan is "optimistic"

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed a future plan by the company to offer delivery of packages via flying drones on Sunday during a segment on CBS News' 60 Minutes. Such a system is years away from actually happening and many people speculated that the introduction of "Amazon Prime Air" was just a publicity stunt.

That's an opinion that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates does not share. In a CNN interview on Monday, Gates said that while Bezos' vision is perhaps on the "over-optimistic end" of things, he praised Amazon's leader for coming up with the idea. He stated, "It's great that people have dreams like that. If we can make the cost of delivery easier, it's not just books. It's getting health supplies out to people in tough places."

He added that technology pioneers like Bezos "dream big dreams and he's allowed to have a vision there. It would be great if we can come anywhere close to that for a lot of products".  Indeed, Gates believes that automated drones as a whole will have a bigger and more positive impact on the world than many people realize.

Most of the CNN interview discussed Gates' efforts with his foundation to help with health issues, specifically with fighting the AIDS virus. Gates believes that while progress has been made, he thinks that the world will have to deal with some level of the AIDS infection for generations to come.

Source: CNN

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