Bing joins in on April Fools' day, because why not

Microsoft has brought back Clippy for April Fools' Day, but that's not the only thing that the company is doing to celebrate April 1st. Visitors to Bing will see that it has one of its animated images, featuring a bird that has a very ... unusual singing voice

Yes, that means you will have to turn on your speakers or put on a headset to get the full effect of today's Bing home page; we hope you like classical music.

The fun doesn't end at the front page. Microsoft has some hot spots on Bing that lead to searches for other famous Internet humor topics, pranks and hoaxes. One of them references videos of goats that appear to scream like a human, while another talks about the "Spaghetti Tree" in Switzerland; that hoax was created by no less than the BBC in a news program in broadcast in 1957.

Finally. the Bing front page has a video search link to the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes character that serves that the inspiration for today's April Fools' Day joke: Michigan J. Frog. The short subject follows a man who finds a frog who can sing ragtime music like a human, but only when the man is around. Every time he tries to show the amphibian's talents to anyone else, the frog acts like, well, a frog.

Source: Bing | Image via Microsoft

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