Bing launches new search results design layout

Bing is giving its users a new way to look at their search results. Microsoft has launched a new search results design layout that basically strips out a lot of Bing's previous (and some might say unneeded) links. The new design shows links based on the keywords, but the left side of the layout, which used to show a number of related searches, search history and dates of searches, has been done away with completely.

The right side of the page, not shown in this post, now has a small list of related searches but nothing else. The right side no longer displays Bing search ads. Also, social networking links for Bing's search results are now displayed in a more low key manner and are highlighted when you move your mouse cursor to those logos.

Microsoft has yet to comment officially about this new Bing search results layout. The company has been gaining in search market share over the past several months and recently overtook Yahoo to become the US's second most popular Internet search provider. However, the Microsoft division that Bing is a part of continues to lose money and there is speculation that Microsoft might even sell the Bing business to Facebook.

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