Bing reveals search trends for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday 2011 and Cyber Monday 2011 are now a memory and it looks like online sales for the two biggest retail sales days of the year blew past expectations. Indeed, Cyber Monday 2011 reportedly generated over $1.25 billion in revenues for online sites, according to a press release from Comscore.

Microsoft's Bing search service monitored the trends for users during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday and posted up those search trends in a post on the Bing blog site. Black Friday 2011 showed search spikes for retail listings including stores like Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target, Old Navy, Macys, Walmart, Home Depot and many more.

Searches for consumer electronics spiked up during Black Friday 2011 on Bing including searches for laptops, tablets, flat screen TVs, digital cameras, the iPad 2, and “electronics under $50”. There were also spikes for toy searches including radio controlled toys, Legos and learning toys. Clothing was also a popular Black Friday 2011 search item, specifically clothing like leather boots, heeled clogs, little black dresses, fragrances, Louis Vuitton and dress shirts.

Cyber Monday 2011 repeated many of the search term spikes of Black Friday 2011. It also had some spikes of its own including more electronic products like LCD televisions, GPS devices, home theater, camcorders, Blu-Ray, iPhone, and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Finally the person who decided to pepper spray Black Friday shoppers at a Walmart in California last week was a big search item on Bing as people looked for items related to "pepper sprayed shoppers."

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