Bing turns five, celebrates with history and Bing homepage gallery

Bing started nearly five years ago as a serene homepage featuring Polychrome Pass. It was a clean and uncluttered page that featured several categories and a search bar. Over the past five years, not much has changed. The Bing webpage remains simple, with a beautiful background that refreshes on a daily basis, several categories, and a search bar. There are some cosmetic additions but the general layout is fairly unchanged. 

Today, the Bing blog posted a recap of five years of Bing and the evolution of search. It starts in 2009 with the introduction of creating an improved web experience by adding semantic technology to create better and relevant search results.

In 2010, Bing partnered with Facebook and Twitter to index search results from the social media giants. In 2012, Bing brought together the idea of indexing search results from social media sites and weaving it together with search results from the web and Bing. This resulted in a new three-column format.

Finally, in 2014, Bing became the backbone of Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana. As Microsoft continues to create innovative solutions, Bing will surely benefit from these advances. Much like it did over the course of five years, Bing is looking to change the way we search by creating a search engine that is proactive, can anticipate our needs, and works to make our lives easier.

Happy birthday, Bing.

Source: Bing | Image via Bing

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