Blackberry 10 video shows off new features

Blackberry 10 is all the rage in Orlando, Florida as Research in Motion starts its annual Blackberry World conference today. The company has already revealed its prototype smartphone hardware for the next version of its operating system. Now RIM has released a new video showing off how Blackberry 10 is supposed to work, at least in theory.

The most impressive feature demonstrated in the video is the virtual keyboard which, as we reported before, offers suggested words to the user above each letter they type. It looks like something that could speed up texting and email on a touch screen smartphone device if it is implemented correctly.

The video also shows how Blackberry 10's contact list is displayed in the operating system and also how a user can quickly switch to an incoming phone call from within the contact list. Finally, the demo shows how the Blackberry 10 hardware could be used to quickly display a smartphone video up on a big TV screen.

One interesting Blackberry 10 feature that's not shown in the video is its "time traveling" camera app. As reported by Engadget, the app gives its user the ability to go back through the camera's cache and pick an image a few seconds behind the one you actually shot, in case the subject moves or does something you didn't want to see. It's an interesting innovation that we wish was on all smartphone cameras.

While RIM is giving out units of its Blackberry 10 prototype device to developers at Blackberry World this week, the hardware does not have Blackberry 10 inside but the current version of the Playbook tablet OS. Blackberry 10, along with the the final version of the hardware, is expected to launch later this year.

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