Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder announced

Second expansion for CDV Software's WWII RTS will follow US general Patton through the course of the war.

German publisher CDV Software announced its second expansion for 2003's World War II real-time strategy game Blitzkrieg. The expansion is titled Rolling Thunder, and, while a North American release has yet to be announced, the game will hit stores in Germany by the end of the year.

Similar in scope to the first expansion, Burning Horizon, the single player-centric Rolling Thunder will feature a campaign consisting of 18 missions. Somewhat of an antithesis to the campaign of the previous expansion, which followed German general Erwin Rommel, Rolling Thunder's 18 missions will chronicle the role of famed American general Patton in the war. The expansion will also include eight stand-alone missions, but CDV has not yet revealed their content.

News source: GameSpot

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