Bloomberg: HTC scraps plans for large Windows Phone device

HTCs Windows Phone 8X will likely remain the companys flagship Windows Phone device.

When rumors began to surface regarding HTCs Windows Phone 8 device lineup, there was word that one device – codenamed "Zenith" – would be the companys flagship phone. Now it appears Zenith wont be HTCs flagship phone because it wont be made at all.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, HTC has cancelled its plans to produce a "large-screen smartphone" that runs on Windows Phone 8 because of Microsofts guidelines for the platform. An unidentified source told Bloomberg that Microsofts software doesnt allow resolutions as high as Googles Android operating system. When the first rumors of HTCs Windows Phone 8 lineup were leaked, the Zenith was said to feature a pixel density similar to Apples Retina display.

Microsoft has imposed several hardware restrictions on smartphone developers for their Windows Phone 8 devices, and one of those restrictions is resolution. Currently, Windows Phone 8 devices cant exceed a resolution of either 1280 x 720 or 1280 x 768.

Bloombergs source stated that HTC ultimately decided a Windows Phone 8 device featuring a large screen wouldnt be competitive against its own large-screen Android devices and those of Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. Representatives from both Microsoft and HTC declined to comment on Bloombergs report.

Source: Bloomberg

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