BootXP v2 out

The first major update since BootXP it's now a reality. A lot of new features are added, totally rewritten code for increased security and ease of use, cleaner interface and it's only the first step in the life of BootXPv2, future minor updates will include even more options.

    Here is the list of the more important changes in this new relese:
  1. Now you can use any size, any number of colors bitmaps and BootXPv2 will resize it and adjust color depth for use as boot screen.
  2. You can use up to 9 input formats for use as boot screen: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, TIF (Without LZW Compression), NTOSKRNL.EXE Files and ZIPPED NTOSKRNL.EXE files (Download it and drag 'n drop it in BootXP).
  3. Improved version detection code for security in horizontal progress bar position customization.
  4. Progress bar horizontal position customization can be enabled/disabled (disabled by default) to avoid B.S.D. (Blue Screen Of Death) problems.
  5. BOOT.INI edition rewritten, more safer and with the new option of delete undesired BOOT.INI Lines (like the backup lines).
  6. Alternate progress bar now will be saved for future uses, due to the useless of the alternate overlay, the option has been removed.
  7. Change boot logo automatically evertime windows starts it's reactivated and fully working, also you will see the next boot screen preview before boot.
  8. Added 3 sites more to see and download bootscreens.
  9. Added integration with, now you can query a list of boot screens from the BootXPv2 interface to see the new additions in without need to open you web explorer.
  10. If you are first time user, BootXPv2 will create a boot screens folder into your windows directory in the subfolder resources, avoiding some problems that can occurs using non-existing folders.
  11. BOOT.INI line backup it's created automatically for security. You can remove it later using the new option "Delete OS Line"
  12. Black palettes are automatically fixed with the palette contained in the NTOSKNRL. Due to this feature the button "Blank palette..." was removed.
  13. Full compatibility with Windows 2000 Server, a bug when adding boot screens in this Windows release was finally fixed.
  14. Previews now are 2 times faster due to code optimization.
Registered users

This BootXPv2 it's a major update of the BootXP product, registered BootXP users can get the upgrade at a special prize of only $3 using Paypal, go to Register Section for more details.

New users

New users can now register and receive the registration codes for BootXPv2 and BootXP in minutes using RegNow Registration System. Get the two licenses for only $7.95. Get all the benefits of the registered users and also support this product future releases and upgrades. Click here for more details.

Download: BootXP v2 from one of the many mirrors

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