Bundle Stars offer $140 worth of games for just $3.49 in its Indie Legends 6 bundle

Bundle Stars has once again churned out some great discounts, with the launch of its Indie Legends 6 bundle offering. This deal trades nine indie games - including Goat Simulator - all worth $139.87, for just $3.49. These games have a combined average user rating of 87%.

Included in this bundle are the following games:

  • Goat Simulator (Windows, Mac & Linux): Wreak havoc in an open world, tongue in cheek adventure! The world’s greatest goat game is simply hilarious!
  • The Final Station (Windows, Mac & Linux): Save the world from the swarms of infected in this atmospheric survival horror. A tense mix of shooting and platforming.
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut (Windows, Mac & Linux): Magic, machines and monsters! A tactical RPG with a complex cyberpunk storyline.
  • Clustertruck (Windows, Mac & Linux): A chaotic physics-based platformer. Jump your way across terribly driven, speeding trucks in this insane “floor-is-lava" game.
  • I Am Bread (Windows, Mac): Your mission? Become toast! Take on extremely tough puzzle-platform based tasks in the best game since sliced bread.
  • Chroma Squad (Windows, Mac & Linux): Inspired by Power Rangers, this is a delightful Japanese-themed, turn-based RPG with animated pixel art and chiptunes.
  • Cortex Command (Windows, Mac): Build an unbreachable subterranean bunker and face wave after wave of enemies in this Terraria-style sci-fi strategy.
  • Unbox (Windows): Think outside the box in this 90s-style 3D platformer, with an expansive and colourful world to explore and interact with.
  • Vanguard Princess Director’s Cut Complete (Windows, Mac & Linux): Enjoy an anime-themed fighting game with an all-girl cast, each with unique fighting moves.

The collection offers gamers on all PC-platforms something to enjoy, with all these games being compatible with Windows, eight with macOS, and six with Linux. This deal, however, is only available for the next two weeks.

Bundle Stars is one of the world's leading digital distributors of games - along with others - selling over 40 million titles since its inception in 2012. You will be required to install the Steam client if you purchase the bundle, as this is the only way to redeem each individual code.

Source and image: Bundle Stars

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