"Call of Duty Ghosts" most pre-ordered North American Xbox One game

"Call of Duty Ghosts" may only be played at a native 720p resolution for the Xbox One but that isn't stopping lots of people who are buying the console on Friday from getting the latest game in the military shooter series. Today, the game's publisher Activision has announced that "Call of Duty Ghosts"  is the most pre-ordered game for the Xbox One in North America.

The press release did not offer specifics in terms of unit sales or revenue for the Xbox One port. It did say that the numbers are based on pre-orders for the game at four retailers (Best Buy, Wal Mart, GameStop and Target). Activision also announced today that "Call of Duty Ghosts" is currently the best selling game for the PlayStation 4 console, which debuted in the U.S. last week.

A few weeks ago, "Resolutiongate" hit the Internet when it was revealed that the Xbox One version of "Call of Duty Ghosts" ran at 60 fps at a native 720p resolution, but was upscaled for 1080p TVs. Mark Rubin, the executive producer of the game at developer Infinity Ward, claimed at the time that the lower resolution was due to "resource allocation" issues.

Source: Activision | Image via Activision

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