Caption Contest: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, who has no hate for Windows phones ? [Update: WINNER!]

The Neowin Caption Contest is a fun, fortnightly feature in which our readers show off their comedic talents, for the chance to win a Neowin subscription, and other great prizes.

It's that time again... Twice a month, we pluck a photo from recent news events, or from our archives, presenting it to you to have a bit of fun with it. The best captions - whether upvoted by our readers, or selected by us - win a prize, and the eternal admiration and respect of their peers. (Or at least a few laughs.)

Our warmest congratulations to Mando, the winner of our last Caption Contest, featuring former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop! There were some great entries there, so make sure you check them out!

Now, we have a new picture awaiting your quality captions...

The picture

This week, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore assured Windows phone users that the company "has no hate for" its mobile platform. In fact, the company loves Windows phones so much that it added no new features to Windows 10 Mobile preview builds for three and a half months, focusing instead on 'bringing some of its benefits' to Android and iOS!

That makes Joe the perfect subject for this week's caption contest. But what's on his mind in the image above? What's he saying? What's he thinking? Share your caption, and you never know... you might win!

The contest

Add your caption in the comments below. Just before the next contest, we'll select one lucky person to win a 12-month Tier 2 Neowin subscription, giving you ad-free browsing of the site for a full year, along with a bunch of other features! It's as simple as that!

Neowin subscriptions offer access to restricted forum content, early access to new site features, and site-wide ad removal. They also help to support Neowin, enabling us to bring you more of the high-quality content you crave, and more of the groovy giveaways you desire! If you don't win the contest, you can support Neowin by purchasing a subscription for as little as $14 a year - find out more here!

You'll need to be registered on Neowin to submit your entry for the Caption Contest, but it's free, quick and easy to sign up, and it'll only take a few moments. The winner of the last contest won't be eligible to win this one. Finally, make sure you keep your caption suggestions clean, profanity-free, and good-spirited... and above all, funny! ;-)

Good luck!

We have a winner!

Congratulations to TheReaperMan for winning this contest, with the caption below:

TheReaperMan's entry was voted the best by our readers, so he'll now enjoy a one-year Tier 2 Neowin Subscription! Yay!

Image credit: Microsoft

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