CDV dropping Starforce

After the Stardock/Starforce fiasco, it seems things are going downhill for the Russian company that makes Starforce. Last month Ubisoft, a rather large game publisher announced that it was dropping the copy protection software from it's products. Now CDV Software Entertainment, known for mostly strategy games on the PC, has announced that they to will now drop Starforce from all products. Taking Starforce's place will be a lesser known (I've never even heard of it until now) copy protection software known as

The first game to use TAGES will be the upcoming release of Glory of the Roman Empire which is scheduled for a June 26th release in North America. After that release, CDV will use TAGES on a case by case basis for future games. CDV's reasoning for dropping Starforce and using TAGES instead is simple. Consumer demand. That's right folks, your voices do have weight. Some companies do listen to you. You said get rid of Starforce, and CDV has done so.

Link: CDV Press Release

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