Cheaper P4 systems hit markets

The low-priced Pentium 4 desktop has arrived.

As expected, PC makers on Monday launched a bevy of new computers that combine Pentium 4 processors with standard memory. These machines don't perform as well on many applications as similar computers with Rambus memory, but in general they cost less. The result: 1.5Ghz Pentium 4 PCs typically starting at $799, sans monitor.

Previously, starting prices for Pentium 4 PCs ranged from $1,000 to $1,300, although a few configurations could be found for $799.

PC makers will use the lowered price tags to replace their Pentium III offerings with Pentium 4 PCs, for about the same price. A new chipset in the systems, the 845, also changes the PC landscape, creating a new stratification of systems, with Celeron-based PCs at $900 and below, 845-based PCs at $900 and above and, at $1,500 or more, high-end desktops with faster Pentium 4 chips, Intel's 850 chipset and RDRAM. A chipset is a group of processors that supports a range of PC functions, including the memory controller and input/output.

Examples of cheap P4 systems are:

  • Dell Dimension 4300 , $849, 1.5GHz P4, 128MB-SDRAM, a 20GB HD, CD-ROM and 15-inch monitor.
  • HP Vectra vl420, 1.6GHz P4, 128MB-SDRAM, 20GB HD, for $899
  • Gateway E-3600 , starting at $1,199, 1.5GHz P4, 128MB-SDRAM, 20GB HD, and a 17-inch monitor
News source: CNet News

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