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Chrome OS may push Google CEO off Apple's board

You may be aware that the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, is currently positioned on the board of directors at Apple, helping oversee the workings of the company. You may also be aware that the search giant just announced an operating system based on their Chrome browser. You may finally be aware that Apple is well known for their iPhone device, and that Google has their Android operating system respectively, two technologies which go head to head against one another. This last fact, when tied with the fact that Google's new operating system would compete with Apple's OS X, means that Google's CEO may very well be kicked off the board of directors that he currently sits on.

Schmidt already has to excuse himself from iPhone meetings with the board, as it would conflict with the Android division of Google, however, despite this, the FTC has been investigating the link between the companies to ensure that there is no anti-trust violations. Let's take a quick review; Schmidt is currently not sitting in on iPhone meetings, after the release of Google OS chances are the same will happen with Mac OS meetings... so he's left with overseeing the iPod.

Neither company has said anything so far regarding plans with Schmidt, but no doubt something will happen closer to the release of the Chrome OS. Journalists are urging the Google CEO to resign from his position on Apple's board, with Tom Krazit saying, "If Apple's board doesn't ask you do to so, please submit your resignation so both companies can free themselves of this obvious conflict of interest, and continue to develop the amazing products and services you have been separately creating."

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