CNN Gets Hit By Worm

Yes folks, live on-air now you can watch several CNN news correspondents reporting that their computers across the network have been infected by a new Virus.

A variant of Rbot Worm, backpacking off the recent Zotop virus seems to be causing damage to CNN's systems.

The amusing part is that CNN have Dave Perry (Trend Micro) on-air advising users to update to XPSP2/latest virus definitions when CNN have clearly forgotten to patch their systems correctly.

Microsoft issued a patch on August 9th patching up a remote code execution vulnerability. It has taken CNN 6 days to patch their systems - oops.

A funny quote a few moments ago, "if there's any hackers listening, please stop - we're not impressed" whilst the CNN reporter advised home users to shut down their computers. Then Mr Perry said users of "Windows 97, 98, 99" would be affected - I'm sure they would be if Microsoft actually retailed Windows 97 or 99.

Microsoft have responded with the fact a patch is available and that the worm in question is low impact. CNN machines run Windows 2000 and are currently shutting down and looping. Here's one for CNN, if there's any of your NTserver admins reading this, patch up in future.

Screenshot: CNN On-Air

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