Crysis 3 to be officially announced April 16th

Leaked images to the Internet have forced Electronic Arts to reveal that it is indeed publishing Crysis 3, the next game in the sci-fi shooter series from developer Crytek. EA told The Verge that an official announcement will be made on April 16th.

Eurogamer first reported that the Sweden-based print magazine GameReactor had posted up a teaser image for their next issue that seems to have the Crysis nano-suit pattern included. After that image made it onto the Internet, the German version of Eurogamer spotted a listing for Crysis 3 on Electronic Arts' Origin system. Finally, a post on the NeoGAF boards (since removed) seems to show a leaked image of the game's box art, with our nano-suited hero about to fire a arrow from a high-tech looking bow.

The original game had our hero battling aliens on a South Pacific tropical island. Crysis 2 saw the battle taken to the streets of New York City. It looks like Crysis 3 will also take place in an urban setting, if the leaked images are any indication.

Crytek is already working on a number of other games, including the Xbox 360 Kinect game Ryse for Microsoft, the first person shooter Homefront 2 for THQ and their own free-to-play shooter Warface.

Image via Eurogamer

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